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The afore posted trailer for the online film experiment RAGE is worth exploring. After watching the entire thing, I have a few things to say.

The work owes more to the devices of stage than those of cinema—relying on near static shots and isolated performances—but it makes a neat and absorbing corollary of what YouTube has already shown us: that the intense close up of personal disclosure is a fascinating voyeurism, and has more to do with gleaning the personality of the observed than determining the events which the individuals are responding to. (The narrative of the film is almost entirely implied.) Intentionally trying to reproduce the feel of the Internet’s self-aggrandizing, supercilious inclinations finds a good home against the backdrop of the fashion industry, which I think is more the point than exploring a murder-mystery, which is almost a by-product of the subjects rendered egoism. Other reviews seem to lampoon the work as redundant next to exploratory efforts focused on the catwalk world by directors such as Altman, or even the satire of French and Saunders, but I don’t think that’s the aim: it’s character study, rather than a story arc; something that absorbs actors, but can sometimes fall flat on audiences who just desire a tale to be told.

The slick, saturated shots of camera do demand a serious willing suspension of disbelief accorded to the premise—a young college student named Michelangelo is supposedly capturing these various “interviews” on his mobile phone and uploading them to the net—but it’s a small leap to gain access to some seriously engaging performances. I don’t know that RAGE is groundbreaking, but it’s nice to see the tropes of indie filmmaking take on one of the newer forums of expression. Oh, and like a lot of things on the Internet, it’s free.


~ by A Mundi on April 29, 2010.

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