I’ve been reluctant to say anything (scribble anything, type anything) for fear of jinxing it—that old endeavor, life—but here it is: after a few gut wrenching, cold toed months of tramping about the apartment, convinced that everything that could off-axel the wheels of progress would, I have arrived at a destination safe and sound, and the destination is good.

I’m going back to school; proper school—that is to say, university—to study English. I’m so happy about it, I feel guilty.

Two and a half years back in this city and almost everything has changed, shifted by paradox and bad luck, rattled by the gods of perseverance and perversity, but here, now, is something I can sink my teeth into: a future.

Depression cleared up, sun high in the sky once again, and a malfunctioning computer back from the shop in good working order, I may just be ready to approach life again with something resembling hope.


~ by A Mundi on April 23, 2010.

One Response to “studied”

  1. That’s very good news. “Something I can sink my teeth into.” Hubby has a degree in English Lit and now getting his second in sociology. Doing something for yourself after “the climb” is a good thing.


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