concise semantics

I sometimes worry that I come off as pretentious; and then I read a sentence like this:

If, as lesbian-linguistic theorists posit, language and literature create, decreate, and recreate corporeal and cerebral manifestations of self / other in terms of both a material and intellectual body (of work), then it almost goes without saying Montréal’s Nicole Brossard (b. 1943) leads the way in her endless quest to first dislocate then relocate the act of writing in the feminine to inscribe or imprint phonemes, words, sentences, paragraphs and texts entire — not to mention the spaces between / around same — which yield to transgressions, transformations and, ultimately, transcendences of what one generally considers patriarchal truths undermining the universal jouissance of imaginative existence in narrative perspective (or perception) of the core self intransigently as fluid as it is fixed.

At which point I stop fretting.

(You can read the entire text that I lifted those 121 words from here, should you feel so inclined.)


~ by A Mundi on October 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “concise semantics”

  1. Wow, that is rather awful. Hey, I just made my point in 5 words, not 121. My writing professor would have my head if I submitted anything like this.

  2. Yee gods, I felt breathless halfway through…and then it kept going! But it did help me discover something crucial about myself. Apparently, when I read, I breathe as if I’m reading out loud. Thus reading James Joyce may constitute unintentional suicide. Disaster averted. Thank you long winded pompous critic, you have saved my life this day.

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