more grindr

HIM: hey, how’s it going?

A MUNDI: good. you?

HIM: I’m waiting for the bus. good times. haha

A MUNDI: I’m thinking about making dinner. equally good times.

HIM: life is so full of excitement! what are you going to make?

A MUNDI: steak.

HIM: classy. I’ve chosen pizza. but it’s classy pizza.

A MUNDI: has it got peppers on it?

HIM: no but it does have feta and sundried tomatoes

HIM: cause I’m classy like that

A MUNDI: I need a moment to process… feta AND sundried tomatoes? you’re right. classy.

HIM: and chicken.

A MUNDI: my mind can’t keep up.

HIM: its a lot of info to deal with at once.


~ by A Mundi on October 7, 2009.

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