blacklight so sleazy

Before I went bananas and I had to give it all up, I was trouble.

Not the kind of trouble that gets itself arrested; nor the kind that finds itself locked in a back room surrounded by angry bikers; but more the sort that made one clutch one’s liver late in the afternoon and wonder who they let convince them to go to that underground party in the underground parking lot and stay out until dawn before swallowing something illicit and then dancing on some stranger’s roof before falling asleep beside a topless someone in a big bed that didn’t belong to you or anyone else you found yourself waking up with a little while later wondering if you still have a job because you certainly didn’t call in sick and yet you definitely weren’t there and not going to be there anytime soon as you were just about to have a beer that you found (still cold) beside that shapely leg hanging off the edge down by the wall and then take that moment to think about what you were going to do next. That kind of trouble.

This song reminds me of those times.

They weren’t bad.


~ by A Mundi on October 6, 2009.

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