ground to a fine paste

Grindr-splash-intro-screen-(1.0.4)So there’s this thing called Grindr. It’s a mobile application. When you launch it, it pulls up a neat grid of photos with all the gays who have iPhones in your area, right there on your screen, and you can tap on the little fellow’s face to see what witty or worrisome thing he’s decided to inform you of in his profile. Then you can chat with him; and then you can get together and have sex. At least, that’s the theory.

I like to use it for something else; I’m not sure what, but definitely not whatever this little 20 year old fellow was searching for:

KID: hi what r u looking for?

A MUNDI: friends mostly. you looking for love?

KID: yes I m

A MUNDI: ah, love. it’s a tricky beast.

KID: lol but it’s an amazing thing to be in

A MUNDI: sure. at first.

KID: no it’s beautiful almost all the time

A MUNDI: lies.

KID: what? sorry?

A MUNDI: are you familiar with sarcasm?

KID: lol

I fear that the age of instant messaging is destroying the implication of tone in text. I also fear that I am getting old.


~ by A Mundi on October 5, 2009.

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