wolf eats girl, pig eats wolf


The Independent has a feature on the bloodiest bedtime stories:

Remember the cosy nights of your childhood spent tucked up in bed with mummy or daddy as they read you softly to sleep?

Well have a read of this lot and you may discover that the tales you remember fondly are actually pretty gruesome.

• Matilda Battersby

Click here to see their top ten.

And anyone who’s interested in the subtexts woven throughout these grisly tales should familiarize themeless with Marina Warner, most especially her From the Beast to the Blonde, which is a first-rate look into fairy tales and their tellers.

Or, for some splendiferous re-imaginings, many as equally horrible—though in a gleeful kind of way—Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber.


~ by A Mundi on October 2, 2009.

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