belated answers

The answer to that question, posted several months ago, is not a short one.

So perhaps I won’t go into it, except to say that I did go out. I did have fun. I did sufficiently unbalance my brainpan. Enough so, in fact, that it took me the better part of a week-and-a-half to re-stabilize, by sitting very quietly in my home, popping pills and thinking happy thoughts.

Sister inquired “is it time to call the doctor”?

To which I responded “let’s just give it a little bit”.

Thankfully, things did sort. The world calmed down. Thoughts straightened out, and I managed to drift out of doors without a chaperone.

Mental health is fun.

To be fair, when I was seeing Demi-Psychiatrist back in 2008, and we were doing something or other called Integrated Social Rhythms Therapy, I was warned to avoid:

a) crowds,

b) highly stimulating loud music accompanied by flashing lights and revelry,

c) situations which could be construed as overly kinetic and exciting, and

d) sex.

Okay, she didn’t mention d), but I was inundated by all four of the above (they came in spades) before the end of the long weekend, so I might have deserved what I got.

Or it may just have been the phase of the moon.


~ by A Mundi on September 24, 2009.

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