[mixed tape project] final cut

Yes, yes: I’m a terrible blogger.

In the plus column, that mixed tape project took on a life of it’s own, shortly after I stopped compiling YouTube videos of the contenders, and the final mix more or less sorted itself out. It’s called “Hate to Heal”, and it’s my Unresolved Anger Mix, Summer 2009.

The playlist is as follows:

In For The Kill (Skreams Let’s Get Ravey Mix) . La Roux
Face To Face On High Places (Jesu Remix) . School Of Seven Bells
Actor Out Of Work . St. Vincent
Wrong (original) . Depeche Mode
Fuck You . Lily Allen
Zero (RAC “Remix Artist Collective” Mix) . Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shoes . Tiga
WOW . Marilyn Manson
Doing Drugs . Union of Knives
Parallel Lines . Junior Boys
Fixin to Thrill . Dragonette
Heads Will Roll (Weird Tapes Version) . Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Trick Or Treat . Peaches
If You Seek Amy (Winkle Remix) . Britney Spears
You Came Out . We Have Band
Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction . IAMX
Earthquake . Little Boots
Messages (We Have Band Remix) . Filthy Dukes

And if I were that kind of blogger, with that kind of blog, each of those entries would have a link to the mp3 files so that visitors could download the songs for themselves; but I’m not, and this blog, if it is anything, is not about music.

It’s about mental stability.

However, for anyone who would like to find one of those tracks somewhere on the interweb, I would suggest going here. They’ll help you out.


~ by A Mundi on June 26, 2009.

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