one pill two pill three pill

Four weeks into switching my psych medication and I have yet to feel tremendously improved; I do, however, feel quite groggy until early in the afternoon, and keep thinking that it is lucky that I can go through this chemical transition while I am only responsible for about three hours of work per week. This lack of pressing engagement has allowed me to do things like return to bed at 11 in the morning, once it has become evident that I remain nonfunctional after a few hours of shuffling about the apartment. By 1 I seem to be able to focus again.

This fugue will eventually pass, I’m told.

Until then, I have finally discovered Gossip Girl, which I have been streaming from the interweb. I hope that my suppressed mental capacity accounts for the intense enjoyment I’m getting from the super-shiny confection, but I fear it might be more serious than that: I might actually enjoy it. Shock shock horror.

And, as for content: for those of you familiar with the character of Bernard Black from the eponymous TV series Black Books, here’s a clip to revisit the character.

All hail, Dylan Moran.


~ by A Mundi on April 15, 2009.

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