I might be a little behind the release date on this one, but Coraline in 3D was magical. Totally absorbing “wow, I’m floating in the movie” kind of magical.

coraline_movieIts genesis is from the mind of this fellow, of course. The thing about our Neil is that he’s a great middle-man, but at times flubbs the ending a little. (Excepting, of course, The Sandman.) American Gods past the midway point made me want to squarely bash my head against the banister repeatedly. His work for younger audiences doesn’t seem to induce that problem. For example, Mirrormask. He exhibits one of my favourite gifts in a good young adult writer, and that is bringing very complex and subtle emotional issues to the fore, without gloss or shilly-shally.

Coarline the book reads very well, and it’s full of all the kinds of tension adults sometimes forget young people feed off of. The adaptation comes off faithfully, and appropriately embellished for film; there’s not a whiff of Disney. The mutilation and sharp objects remain intact.

My sister and I stayed past the end to watch the angel Scottie dog chase the demon Scottie dog around the credits.

Woof, I say.


~ by A Mundi on February 26, 2009.

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