If this is a new stage to my life, something further, different and more unmapped than whatever I had been busy with before, then the changes I’m instituting, the care with which I am now required to take with my habits and my person, should somehow be marked. I’d like there to be a new theme in nature; a cataclysm in the heavens; or, an earthquake to swallow, I don’t know, say Salt Lake City. (There are too many Mormons in the world anyway, and surly God has to imply that they’re doing something wrong eventually.) The point is, the world can’t just keep spinning merrily around like nothing’s changed when I have passed through a veil and now have to determine the new natural rules of existence. To this end, I demand that the universe furnish me with something grand to signal the alteration.

Or, I could just go and get a tattoo.


~ by A Mundi on July 28, 2008.

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